VapeCon 2019 Special Guests / Speakers.

Some key Guests at VapeCon 2019


Official VapeCon spokesperson

Rob Fisher is the VapeCon 2019 MC and is the VapeCon Spokesperson. A well loved member of the South African vaping community.

Timo ODV

SAMA Award Winning musician

HashTag Vapes and VapeCon have collaborated to bring you local music sensation and SAMA award winning artist TIMO ODV.

Vapouround Magazine

Official VapeCon 2019 Media Partner

Having started out as a lifestyle magazine in 2015, they shifted their focus to the industry and have since become the go-to

Vapour Product Association

South African Regulatory association

VPA is committed to working with Government and regulatory bodies to ensure that our industry is transparent.

Hasan Akhalwaya

Coil Talk

Experienced coil builder from Crafted Coils will give a coil talk to those who would like to learn.

    Theo Thiart

    DIY Talk

    Experienced DIYer from thefogvlog (youtube channel) to discuss all things DIY