Unsure of something to do with VapeCon? See below for our list of frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer below, contact us on the Ecigssa Forum. For additional vendor queries, you can email [email protected]

VapeCon FAQ

What is the benefit of attending VapeCon?

Attending VapeCon gives you access to many vendors under one roof with amazing specials on the day. We are expecting over 100 vendors for 2022. Meet and greet members of the Ecigssa forum as well as some of the biggest names in the South African vaping industry. There will be plenty food and drinks with lots of giveaway prizes. It’s going to be a fantastic and most memorable day.

How do I buy tickets?

Ticket sales will be done through I-tickets and can be purchased here: Tickets | VapeCon 2022 in Pretoria, ZA | iTickets

What is the benefit of pre-purchasing tickets?

If you pre-purchase tickets not only do you get a lower price but you get shorter queues. There will be more than one queue available for people who have pre-purchased tickets. We envisage only one queue for those buying tickets at the door – so they will likely wait longer.

Will there be specials on the day?

Yes, there are going to be plenty fabulous specials on the day from various vendors. Watch the Ecigssa forum for announcements closer to the time.

Will there be enough food and drink vendors?

Absolutely. For 2022, we are planning multiple food vendors with a nice variety. There will be plenty food and drinks for everyone. We will be catering for Halaal food options.

What type of entertainment can we expect?

There will be various activities taking part on the stage such as cloud blowing competitions, trick competitions and more.

How do I enter the competitions?

The Cloud Blowing and Trick Competitions will have most of their slots pre-booked on the relevant Ecigssa forum threads. So be sure to check them out and enter beforehand. There are likely to be some slots made available on the day at the Ecigssa/VapeCon stand.

The DIY and Vendor Juice Shootout competitions need to be entered beforehand via the relevant threads on the Ecigssa Forum.

Can I bring my children?

VapeCon is a lifestyle event strictly for adults over the age of 18. Nobody under the age of 18 will be permitted into the venue. Please do not bring your children or babies.

Can I smoke in the venue?

VapeCon is a vaping event. Smoking of traditional cigarettes or other combustibles will NOT be allowed in the main arena or in the food court and beer garden.

Do you offer accommodation?

We do not offer accommodation but here is a list of places nearby the venue:

  • Sierra Hotel Burgers Park (4KM away)
  • Protea Hotel Capital (4KM away)
  • Red Apple Guesthouse (4KM away)
  • The Cedars Bed and Breakfast (5KM away)
  • Manhattan Hotel (5KM away)
  • Morning Star Express Hotel (5KM away)
  • Stay Easy Pretoria (6KM away)
  • Tram Village (8KM away)
  • Hotel 224 (8KM away)
  • Arcadia Hotel (8KM away)
  • The Royal Elephant Hotel (9KM away)
  • Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel (10KM away)
  • Leriba Hotel (10KM away)
  • Lapalosa Lodge (11KM away)

Where do I see the schedule?

You can see the schedule by clicking on the schedule tab on the website, viewing it on the Ecigssa Forum, the VapeCon Facebook page or on the day with the flyers handed out at the venue.